Written Conversation

Want to know if I'm right for the job? At my previous employer, I had the highest satisfaction of clients through email correspondence of anyone in my department. I exude professionalism, not only through verbal communication, but through written messages as well. My maturity and advanced vernacular often surprised people when they find out my true age was actually quite young comparatively. I became the official grammatical checker for any email blasts sent out by the company to our clients because of my attention to detail, and was trusted by the CEO to make administrative changes to correct spelling or other errors to the front-end of the website representing the company.

I've converted a few college English assignments I was particularly proud of here in order to hopefully accurately demonstrate my manner, quality, and clarity of speech through written means. They can be found in the two links below.

Beneath that, I added many of the support documents, both internal and external, that I wrote for my previous employer.