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About David Salyer
I am a front-end and back-end website developer. I can code HTML, CSS, and PHP from hand, and have a thorough understanding of PhotoShop, as well as a decent grip on the rest of the Adobe Suite, mainly DreamWeaver, Illustrator, and After Effects. I am also well-versed in troubleshooting both hardware and software related issues on Windows platforms. I have assembled more than ten computers from scratch, as well as two LAMP web servers, with complete online capabilities, and a Name Based Virtual Host, allowing for multiple domains on one IP Address. I therefore also have an extensive understanding of the inner-workings of DNS management.

I graduated High School with a 4.0 GPA, as well as a perfect attendance award for all four years. Three years later, I graduated Chaffey College with an Associates Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences. At my current place of employment, I was promoted to head of the department within the first six months of working there, and at 15 months, had received an award congratulating my “above and beyond” customer service, and extracurricular academic prowess and contributions towards bettering the platform.

I have the highest satisfaction of clients through email correspondence of anyone in my department. I exude professionalism, not only through verbal communication, but through written correspondence as well. My maturity and advanced vernacular often surprise people when they find out my true age is quite young comparatively. I've become the official grammatical checker for any email blasts sent out by the company to our clients because of my attention to detail. I am trusted by the CEO of the company to make administrative changes to correct spelling to the front-end of the website representing the company, as well as to correct things like legal documentation and broken links. On more than one occasion I've worked in actively finding and patching security vulnerabilities within the platform, protecting the company from would-be malicious intent from competitors or consumers.

What sets me apart is that I truly have a passion for this. This is my career, so I know what I'm doing, but this is also my hobby, so I have fun doing it. I've been working with computers since I was a child, and am on-call as the go-to 'tech support guy' for countless friends and family.

Examples of my Photoshop, HTML/CSS/PHP, and written work can be found by using the icon links off to the left.

Skill Set:
Adobe PhotoShop:
Adobe Illustrator:

As the head of the technical support department for my current employer, my responsibilities include;
  • answering calls from clients with issues or questions
  • responding to emails from clients with issues or questions
  • assigning tasks intended for other departments to those individuals
  • assigning tasks to people in my department based on skill level and area of expertise
  • completing more difficult tasks escalated to me from within my department
  • following-up with coworkers about tasks assigned to them
  • following-up with clients about completed work orders, or questions regarding submitted work orders
  • setting up new websites for clients
  • applying new code to clients' websites to correct errors, or personal preference.
  • making changes, corrections and improvements in operation to code for employee database for managing client accounts and requests
  • answering all billing-related questions
  • running credit cards over the phone to bring accounts up-to-date on payments
  • changing package types, and adding/removing services, adjusting access and billing as necessary
  • helping clients assign DNS changes to their personal domain names to get email and website running properly
  • assisting clients in troubleshooting email issues remotely
  • assisting clients in configuration of email to desktop or mobile email client
  • acting as point-of-contact with third-party product vendors
  • checking mobile-friendliness of page content and giving price quote according to work required for responsive conversion
  • creating custom html elements for websites like quick searches for listings, contact forms with custom fields, and custom buttons or other elements
  • quoting and charging for custom work of the nature mentioned above
  • converting all emails and phone voicemails from after-hours mailbox to preferred point of contact within proprietary ticketing system
  • making miscellaneous html tools to help both employees and management fulfill daily tasks faster
  • writing articles and producing/editing videos for online knowledge base for clients and employees alike.
  • setting up statistic software for tracking clients' webpage traffic
  • managing online live chat with clients sometimes during phone calls with other clients
  • ordering and setting up domain names for clients through third party vendor
  • ordering and setting up/configuring 'IDX' online listing search management software for clients
  • designing and sending to print business cards for clients in Adobe PhotoShop based off of their specifications
  • utilizing custom jquery scripts to bypass template uniformity and provide the client with a customized design to their specifications
  • configuring website shopping carts, as well as payment integration and product configuration
  • using FTP software to manage code directly on custom sites not using a template
  • configuring new hardware around the office for use with new employees
  • answering and return after-hours emails and phone calls during weekends/holidays upon request from management
  • running spell-check/grammatical check for all outgoing email blasts from the company
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